How much does a pre wedding shoot cost in india wemadememory

Top Wedding Photographer Pre wedding  Photographer book now

Top Wedding Photographer Pre wedding Photographer book now

A pre wedding photoshoot might cost you anywhere starting from Rs 20,000/- to Rs 1 lakh. It depends on many different factors like

1.      Where you are planning for your shoot(in your city or different destinations like Goa, Pondicherry etc)

2.      Which photographer you are hiring(new budding photographer charges are quite less compared to well established studios/photographers) Mind you: You get what you pay for

3.      How many days you have planned for shoot(Generally speaking Shoot is possible in 1 day but a 2 day shoot gives you much more variety in your photos since you can shoot in 2–3 different locations)

4.      Whether you want only a photo shoot or you want both Photoshoot and Save the date video.

Overall I suggest that you check the work of different photographers as each one of them has their own style. If you love work of any particular photographer/studio contact them and ask for their packages. If you feel that there charges are out of your budget and you can look for photographer with similar work.

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