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Planning and making use of opportunities are fundamental in the event industry, don’t jump into an event without planning first, but also don’t be afraid to plan and then put it into action. Things can go wrong during events, and very rarely will everything go exactly as we plan..

Event management involves gaining ideas and valuable knowledge on all aspects of the event planning process. We all know that one person who seems constantly on the go, and yet is always asking for everyone’s help. There is a difference between busy and productive, if you are the former you need to focus on being more organized so that you are actually getting things done.

By choosing WeMadeMemory for your special day you can expect huge attention to detail, creative ideas, professional and a stress free service. This ensures you to enjoy the magical build up to your big day ever.


From traditional weddings to every event we plan is unique. Our planners and designers listen to your ideas and think of the best ways to translate them into reality making each event is different from the other. Each theme / idea is researched and presented to you duly taking into account your wishes and of course your budget. We’ve built our reputation by making the events adorable in every occasion and working with the best suppliers to deliver a fantastic entertainment. We’re committed to offering you the highest level of service to ensure the occasion is not just memorable but a spectacular experience that you and your guests will never forget.

Our Vision

The best part of everyone’s life is a Memory. Once made, it will be a day which everyone never wants to forget. WeMadeMemory wants to create that memory for everyone. Today we are creating a great service portal, which will in future will give you the remembrance someone wants. And when the similes comes, WeMadeMemory wants to be a part of it.

Core Goal

  1. To provide the best services it the Event Planning industry.
  2. To build a platform where, services can be booked at once.
  3. To be the reason behind everybody smiles, while creating the memory.
  4. To be the person behind every doubtable person, who is worried about his/her planning.
  5. To be someone with whom you will never let down in any of the event planning situation.